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Three no-nos when cleaning your curtains

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Curtains are a common fixture across much of Australia's windows. Not only do they look great, but they also come in many different colours, styles and patterns, which means that if you like curtains, you can find one that suits your needs. However, curtains do need a certain level of maintenance, and it is important you do this well or else you are liable to be buying a bunch of new curtains every few years. Here are a few common mistakes that many people make that should be avoided at all costs!

Don't Clean Without Dusting First 

Dust attaches itself to everything it comes into contact with, and that includes your pristine curtains. While it may be hard to see on darker curtains, there is definitely at least a little dust present on any curtain that hasn't been washed in a few months. Before you do any cleaning, you should always dust your curtains first; otherwise, you may simply stain the curtains with the dirt. This is especially prescient for colours like whites, greys and light blues as well as any other petite shade that shows wear and tear more visibly than darker variants. To dust your curtains, it is best to take them outside and beat them a bit, but make sure to wear a mask or be wary of the dust!

Try Not To Machine Wash

While there are many curtains that declare themself 'machine-wash safe', this is only half-true. You can wash curtains in your washing machine, but even if the material is graded for the heat and movement, it is likely that the seams will be far more susceptible to stretching out of position. While this won't be a big deal the first few times you do it, over time it will stretch and rip your curtains. If possible, always go to a dry cleaner when you need to clean your curtains. 

Never Wring Your Curtain Out

If you do machine or hand wash your curtains, you can still do so in a way that reduces the worst of the effects of this option. While it was common in the past to see people wringing out their curtains to try and make them dry quicker, this is really bad for not only the shape but also the internal structure of your curtain. Always air dry your curtains (don't use a dryer), and make sure that no part of your curtain touches another part when left to dry on the hills hoist. When the curtain is nearly dry, take it off your stand and start to hang it up again so that it reshapes into its proper position before it is fully dry. 


25 March 2020