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Two tips to follow when getting your girlfriend a gift hamper

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Here are some tips to remember when getting your girlfriend a gift hamper.

Consider when she'll be using the hamper

Before searching for gift hampers for her, think about when she's probably going to use the gifts in the hamper. This could help you with choosing between the many hampers that are aimed at women. For example, if she's going away on a weekend spa break with a friend soon, you might want to pick out a hamper that she can use during this trip to enhance her enjoyment of the experience. You could, for instance, get a hamper with a lavender-scented, heated eye mask that she could wear when getting her massage or acupuncture at the spa, as this would make these treatments even more relaxing, as well as some nail polish in a gorgeous colour, that she can give to the spa's manicurist who will be painting her nails.

If she's about to give birth soon, you could get a hamper that could make the post-birth hospital stay more comfortable. This might include sachets of her favourite herbal teas, some hand cream with a beautiful scent and some stylish earphones so she can listen to calming music instead of the noisy hospital sounds. Taking the time to think about this will not only make your shopping trip easier, as you'll be able to quickly determine if a particular hamper is or is not suitable, but will also inspire your girlfriend to use the gifts in it instead of saving them for some unspecified special occasion that may or may not occur.

Personalise and decorate the hamper

Even if you're not getting her a customisable hamper, you should still add some personal touches to the one you buy before giving it to your girlfriend. This doesn't have to be anything over the top; you could, for example, stick romantic little notes to each item in the hamper that let her know why you wanted to give her that particular item.

Additionally, you could add some extra decorations to the hamper that you know your girlfriend would like; for instance, if the items in the hamper are packed inside some shredded craft paper, you could sprinkle some glitter in your partner's favourite colour into this paper to give the hamper a bit more pizzazz. You could also wrap a pretty ribbon around the hamper's handle that features some print that your girlfriend loves. These extra touches will make this hamper into an even more thoughtful and beautiful-looking gift.


31 August 2021