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3 Essential Tips When Handling Deceased Estate Clearance

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Indeed, there is no accurate way to describe how it feels to lose a loved one. There's a lot to process, especially if the deceased left property and other household possessions behind. Organising, packing and clearing the deceased estate often requires more time and physical effort. The entire family must also make tough decisions at a time when emotions are running high. As if that's not enough, there are legal and financial affairs to sort, meaning juggling between numerous appointments with attorneys and banks.  

To help you have an easier time tackling all the hassle involved, consider the following handy tips to manoeuvre deceased estates clearance successfully.

Base Your Decision According to the Will

After cooling down emotionally, check whether the deceased left behind a will that specifies how to allocate the possessions. A will defines who's supposed to inherit the money, the house or any other possessions left behind. Read through the will to determine any specific instructions. 

Most importantly, do this before calling in a deceased estate clearance company or start sorting, clearing or donating the items to prevent potential family disputes. Remember, you might need the help of an appointed lawyer and executor to streamline the process. 

Consider Sentimental and Valuable Items

After identifying and dealing with the items detailed in the will, go through it and determine which sentimental or valuable items you should keep. If only a handful of people are involved, invite them over and go through the possessions together. 

Decide among your family members who will own sentimental possessions like photos or jewellery that can be truly memorable. It helps with your sense of grief and closure, but be careful since it can erupt more emotions. 

Arrange the Removal of Unwanted Items 

After sorting out all the items into valuable and invaluable possessions, organise how you'll remove the items you want to sell, donate to charities or dispose of as rubbish. It would be wise to call a second-hand dealer to come over first so that anything that isn't saleable can be grouped with the charity pile. 

If you have items designated for charity, numerous services collect such items for free if they are still in excellent condition. Other charity homes also have collection points where you can leave these items.

When dealing with deceased estate clearance, consider these three essential tips to make your work easier. Besides, work with a reputable deceased estate clearance company for more advice and assistance. 


13 July 2022