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Two Tips for Those Who Need Flowers for a Natural Burial


If you'll be attending a natural burial and would like to lay some flowers on the burial grounds, you must try to follow this advice.

Get help from a florist

When buying flowers for this type of specialist funeral, you cannot simply grab the first pretty-looking bouquet you spot. Instead, you will need help from the florist. The reason for this is as follows: the flowers that will be laid on the grave of someone buried in natural burial grounds cannot feature anything that might harm the immediate environment or which will not quickly break down. This means that you cannot select any flowers that have dyes or pesticides on them.

Additionally, you must ensure that any decorative embellishments that the florist adds to the bouquet are biodegradable; for example, if you want to tie the bouquet with a ribbon, this ribbon should be made from compostable materials. Likewise, any pearl beads you add to the bouquet must not be made from plastic. If you have a florist help you to make the bouquet, they can show you their selection of organic flower varieties and biodegradable decorations, and you will then know for certain that the flowers you end up laying on the burial grounds are appropriate for that environment.

Find out what type of flowers the local wildlife like to eat

Whilst the bouquet the florist makes up for you will break down even if it remains untouched, it might be a good idea to see if the florist can put a few flower varieties into it that are safe for the wildlife who occupy the natural burial grounds to eat. 

The reason for this is as follows: including flowers that could serve as a form of nourishment for the local wildlife (after you are finished using these flowers to commemorate the individual who died) would be very much in keeping with the ethos of a natural burial, in that the bouquet will not only cause no harm to its surroundings but could actually benefit the wildlife that lives there.

If you'd like to do this, make sure you research which creatures are most prevalent in the natural burial grounds you'll be using and which varieties they might eat. If for example, there are a lot of wild deer in this area, you might want to ask for roses to be included, as deer are said to be quite fond of this flower variety. In this situation, you should also ensure that the bouquet does not feature any varieties that could hurt the deer that eat them. For instance, deer can get ill if they eat daffodils. Whilst these animals will often instinctively avoid eating these flowers, they might accidentally do so if your bouquet has a few daffodils hidden amongst several delicious roses.


24 June 2020